Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HYSA Contacts

Name Role Email Term
 (2-year term from June 1 - May 31)
Jennifer Perry President president@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Michael Clark Vice President vicepresident@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Jeanette Gates Secretary secretary@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Sauni Tamez Treasurer treasurer@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Vacant Public Relations Commissioner publicrelations@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016

Scott Perry

Facilities Commissioner facilities@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Vacant Volunteer Coordinator volunteer@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Richard Saxon Registrar registrar@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Ariana Mares Concessions Commissioner concessions@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Chris Halenza Uniforms Commissioner uniforms@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Vacant U5 Commissioner u5commissioner@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Ryan Mitchell U6 Commissioner u6commissioner@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Coy Lowden U8 Commissioner u8commissioner@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Janelle Barbisch U10 Commissioner u10commissioner@haysyouthsoccer.org 2013-2015
Jeanette Gates D3 Commissioner d3commissioner@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Kent Cawley Fusion Select Commissioner fusionselect@haysyouthsoccer.org 2014-2016
Jennifer Perry Referee Assignor refassignor@haysyouthsoccer.org

Can you Volunteer?

Hays Youth Soccer Association is an organization of GREAT volunteers!  If there is some way that YOU can help or if you would like to serve on the board in some capacity...

Contact Jennifer Perry at president@haysyouthsoccer.org